Best Gadgets For Germaphobes

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We know you are sick of hearing covid-19, pandemic, and unprecedented times, but one thing this year did teach us (besides that stores sanitized way less then originally thought) is that the  old saying is definitely true – necessity is the mother of invention.

If your a germaphobe and want to go above and beyond the standard masks, gloves and hand sanitizer protocol, then we have some great gadgets for you to check out. And we also throw in a few hygiene tips — which might turn you into a germaphobe if you aren’t one.

Mobile Klean

Sanitize everything! It’s what you feel like doing during these times and the Mobile Klean will get you to a pristine personal world quicker. Mobile Klean is a hand-held UV light and the powerful UV rays destroy bacteria with a single swipe of this light. Use it on your phone, keyboard, keys, and more. Grab two at a discount and keep one at home and one in your car. It’s great to have on hand.

Tip – Shut your toilet seat before flushing – when the toilet is flushed an aerosol spray of bacteria shoots upwards (know as a toilet plume). Tiny fecal particles can go airborne and remain in the air for as long as 30 minutes!

Miracle Sheets

No one wants to wash their sheets everyday. Laundry is a pain and putting your sheets on is an even bigger pain (especially when Fido decides that’s the best time to sit on the bed). But if you realized the amount of bacteria on your sheets, then you might be tempted to wake up in the middle of the night and change your sheets halfway through – ok, probably not, but it is pretty gross. Just one week of unwashed sheets are found to have 3 million particles of bacteria per square inch!

Miracle Sheets are made of silver ions to kill bacteria. They kill 99.9% of bacteria, are temperature regulating and are super soft. And just because they are made of silver ions, doesn’t mean it’s like sleeping on tin foil. Miracle Sheets are actually some of the softest and most comfortable sheets I have slept on. Purchase them on discount today.

Tip – Remember that “toilet plume” from flushing that we mentioned in our previous tip? Well guess where a lot of that bacteria that’s lingering into the air goes? Into those obnoxiously loud hand dryers and then they blast the fecal bacteria out all over your hands. After the study on hand dryers was complete, the research facility removed all the hand dryers from their facilities because they were horrified by their findings. Disgusting!


Don’t worry, you’re sheets didn’t take ALL the bacteria, they left some for your pillowcase. Yes, your pillowcase is also full of bacteria. Just think of all the liquids and scuzz coming off your head – drool, mucus, dandruff, ear wax. Seriously, humans are gross.

Grab the Blissy pillowcase and a lot of this bacteria will not get soaked into your pillowcase. Blissy is made from 100% pure mulberry silk. So not only does it deflect bacteria, it also leaves your skin and hair looking better after a good night’s sleep.

Tip – Swim in a lake or the ocean – they are actually cleaner. Public swimming pools are like petri dishes and over 10% don’t have chlorine levels high enough to kill bacteria. 

Two Hands

Do you pump or squeeze your hand sanitizer – sanitize your hands – and then plop some sanitizer on the sanitizer bottle? You know to get rid of the germs that your initially dirty hand left on the bottle when you went to sanitize. This is the world we live in now. Ahhhh!

Don’t worry, their is a solution. The cleverly named Two Hands is a no touch portable FDA approved hand sanitizer. Just wave your hand over Two Hands and a spray of sanitizer will come up and coat your hands. It’s small enough to throw in your backpack and bring on the go. I keep one in my car. It is USB charged so you do not go through the batteries and it’s inexpensive to fill. People really love it – see for yourself.

Tip – Sick of singing Happy Birthday while you wash your hands for 20 seconds? Switch it up to saying Covid 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14….

Fever Patrol

Remember the traditional ways of taking your temperature? Under your tongue or in your… eh well never-mind cause we never have to deal with that again. Contact-less thermometers are the way of the future. Fever Patrol is fast, accurate, and sanitary. It turns green for no fever, yellow for slight fever, and red for high fever. It’s nice to be able to take the whole families temperature without having to sanitize the thermometer between readings. If you don’t have a thermometer as we head into cold / flu season, consider picking up a Fever Patrol.

Tip – Keep you toothbrush safe from floating bathroom particles by keeping it in your closet or buy a special case for it. There is nothing worse then thinking about putting bathroom bacteria directly into your mouth.

Sterilize X

Sterilize X is a portable home cleanser. It uses the same UV light used in hospitals to clean bacteria and freshen up a room. It’s easy to use, effective, and easy to charge. When it kills the bacteria, it also clears any bad odors from the air. It’s awesome for the bathroom, but really works great in any room and you just can easily bring it with you as you change rooms.

*Sorry if we ruined bathrooms, hand-dryers and beds for you. People say that we are fun at parties 😉