Top Eight Quirky Smart Devices That Would Be Fun To Own

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Since the dawn of time, humans have been using technology in various ways to help us progress. Technology is used every day, whether it’s your cell phone, car, computer, or even the sidewalks you walk on. Technology has created a world where we can use different creative tools and resources to enhance the way we do everyday things. It has changed how we communicate, move around, and better yet, the way we see the world. So, it is no doubt that along the way, we have created tools and gadgets to help us explore our more curious side and allow our everyday lives to be just that more simple. Today we are going to look at eight smart gadgets that will change the way you operate daily.

Charmin Rollbot takes away the hassle of having to get up and retrieve more toilet paper when you run out. This robot connects to your phone via bluetooth and will come to your aid whenever you summon it with a roll of toilet paper handy. Whether anyone will ever need such a service is questionable, but it is still quite interesting.

Have you ever wondered just how many eggs you have left in your tray or when they expire? Look no further, the Quirky Egg Minder solves this everyday problem. It connects to your phone and lets you know when you’re running low one eggs, and a led light warns you which of your 14 eggs are nearing its expiration. Imagine you’re on the way home from work, then you get a notification that you’re running low on eggs. You’re then able to stop at the grocery store on the way home from work to pick up some extra eggs. This quirky device starts at $13 on amazon.

Bondic is a device that allows you to fix just about any household item that happens to break or tear apart. It is a pen sized device that uses a liquid formula to the area that is damaged followed by shining a UV light on the area for 4 seconds. It’s that easy! You just saved yourself from running to the store and replacing your $50 pair of glasses.

iCon is the world’s first smart condom to ever exist. For just $74, you can know your thrust velocity, calories burned, skin temperature and other “intriguing” facts about your performance in the bedroom. You are then able to share your stats with other iCon users because who cares about privacy these days. It is waterproof and also adjustable, which makes it a one size fits all.

HapiFork is a bluetooth smart fork that vibrates if it senses you are eating your food too fast. It starts at $65 and comes in a wide variety of colors. This would be great for people who can’t tell if they’re eating too fast. As goofy as this may seem, I suppose it could be a great gadget for kids to use, though the price point may not be the best.

Belty Good Vibes is a belt by Emotia that attempts to make the belt more versatile. It is a leather belt that connects to your phone to vibrate when it notices you sitting too long, not standing up straight, or not consuming enough water. I guess if you’re in a business meeting sitting too long, you can expect your phone to start going off its rockers. It starts at $395 which is a hefty price for such a gadget.

Are you looking for a robot that can follow you around your house and tell you when you need to exercise, take care of you and also offer some companionship? Well look no further, because the Samsung Ballie is just the device. If you can look past just how creepy this robot is, then it is definitely perfect for you. It isn’t yet available and the price is still unknown.

Sometimes you want a really cool tattoo without the lifetime commitment. The Prinker S offers temporary temporary tattoos that last 1-3 days and washes off easily with soap. Simply put a preloaded design or one of your own in the companion app and then pass the device over your skin and just like that you can show off your new ink to your friends. It starts at $269 on amazon.