Favorite YouTube Gadget Reviewers

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Unbox Therapy

Jack at Unbox Therapy shows off some of the coolest and newest products. He does a lot of reviews on more expensive gadgets like smartphones, laptops and computers as well as some unique items. He does a great job of getting deep into the specs of products and providing an honest opinion.

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee has built a huge following since he first starting posting technology reviews in 2009. He even occasionally does interviews with tech giants like Elon Musk. He reviews a lot of smartphones and also has fun videos like “Will A Walkman Work In Space.”

The Verge

This YouTube channel does a variety of interviews, product reviews, produce issues, along with their gadget reviews. They explore how technology changes our everyday life and the variety of hosts keeps it interesting.


Michael Kukielka specializes in unboxing only the latest products. Cameras, watches, and smartphones seem to be some of Kukielka’s favorite things to review.

Freakin’ Reviews

James White runs Freakin’ Reviews and purchases unique gadgets and reviews them. He’s one of our favorite reviews because he focuses on some strange products instead of just the more expensive smartphones and computers.