History of The Word Gadget

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When we hear the word gadget, it is usually marked with a sense of giddiness. We love gadgets and are always blown away by the devices inventors come up with. Just when you think you’ve seen it all — a new tool comes out to make your life easier, better, or just plain happier.

Gadget usually refers to a small device that has a useful function that is original, unique, or groundbreaking in some way. One of the greatest gadgets ever was the “pocket clock”, which is better known now days as the “pocket watch”. This personal technology device was thought up by clockmaker Manfredit in 1462. It would take society another few hundred years before they coined the term “gadget” and retroactively added the pocket watch to the list of great gadgets.

The history of the word gadget is dispute and a few claims have been made to how it really came about. The backstory with the most substantial evidence though is that “gadget” first appeared in the 18-century used to describe a tool in glassmaking – the gadget was developed as a metal rod with a ring clip that grabs the foot of a vessel and avoids the use of a pontil.

Since then the list of noteworthy gadgets has grown very long. We love discovering them, reading about them, trying them out, and promoting them if we find them worthwhile. Check out all the gadgets in our articles.

Fun Fact  – 1st atomic bomb was nicknamed the gadget by the scientists for Manhattan Project